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Delivery throughout the UK with a dedicated ADR certified driver

Sameday Couriers UK Ltd are able to transport your hazardous goods to anywhere in the UK the same day or store them overnight in our own refrigerated storage and deliver them the next day.

Our highly trained drivers receive ADR hazardous training and certification and are fully equipped with spillage kits in case of an emergency.

What counts as dangerous?

Well, itís not just big barrels of chemicals. Itís any item or substance which, if not handled properly, could harm you, the driver, recipient, other shipments or the environment.

Some goods which are classified as hazardous materials may surprise you, such as aerosols, perfume or anything containing lithium batteries Ė like phones or laptops.

What We Can Transport

Flammable gas

2.1 Flammable gas
(e.g. butane, propane, acetylene)

Non-flammable, non-toxic gas

2.2 Non-flammable, non-toxic gas
(e.g. nitrogen, CO2, oxygen)

Toxic gas

2.3 Toxic gas
(e.g. Chlorine, Phosgene)

Flammable liquid

3 Flammable liquid
(e.g. solvents or paints)

Flammable solid

4.1 Flammable solid
(e.g. matches)

Spontaneously combustible substance

4.2 Spontaneously combustible substance
(e.g. phosphorus)

Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas

4.3 Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas
(e.g. calcium carbide)

Oxidising substance

5.1 Oxidising substance
(e.g. fertiliser)

Organic peroxide

5.2 Organic peroxide
(e.g. fibreglass repair kits)

Toxic substance

6.1 Toxic substance
(e.g. pesticides)

Infectious substance

6.2 Infectious substance
(e.g. blood tests or medical trials)

Corrosive substance

8 Corrosive substance
(e.g. bleach or drain cleaner)

Miscellaneous dangerous goods

9 Miscellaneous dangerous goods

Why Use Us?

  • Collection at a time to suit you
  • ADR certified drivers
  • Temperatures constantly monitored
  • Deliveries made on time without compromising the consignment
  • All vehicles tracked
  • Service tailored to your needs

To speak directly to the dangerous goods courier team at Sameday Couriers UK Ltd, call 01443 225070 or 0800 511 8004 or email info@sameday-couriers.co.uk